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KlaraPix newborn photography

joy, tears and total happiness...no words can describe the time of your new arrival. you probably heard it a million times, they grow up fast, and they really DO.

capture these special times forever by using a professional photographer. see more details below.


KlaraPix's newborn session is focusing on baby. of course we will include mum, dad and any siblings on a couple of shots….see cost below

when to book

we all know little ones arrive when they are ready. please book when you are about 30 weeks, so you don't miss out. regardless of the actual birth date, I will have a spot for you.

it is highly recommended for newborn photography to take place in the first 3-10 days of baby's life. when they still sleep a lot, no matter what. naturally I will accommodate older babies, please get in touch and we can discuss what to expect.

session length

depending on baby, could be as quick as 30m or as long as it takes up to about 2h


you will receive minimum 10 retouched digital images, colour balanced and high quality digital files, suitable for large prints. 



*if you book your pregnancy or baby's First Birthday portrait with me a package deal applies

** introductory rate applies in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui. total cost subject to your location and any special requests. exact price will be quoted upon an enquiry.

prints, wall art can be purchased at an additional cost.

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